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There are many ways to protect people and ifrastructure from snow avalanches. The most simple solution - not to build in areas with snow avalanches. Another effective measure - early notification of people about possible event. However, the most widely used measures are: active - preventive and passive - construction. Among all kinds of avalanche protection structures - steel flexible snow retention barrier is the most cost - effective solution.

Snow retention barriers are installed in avalanche starting area and work with static loads on the entire depth of snow cover. The most important part of structure - ring net or rope net panels which forms a plane perpendicular to the direction of snow sliding down a slope. Thus,  the whole snow mass remains stationary in avalanche starting zone and avalcnhe not formed.

The barrier height is determined on base of maximum possible height of snow cover for certain area. Also it must be considered that in avalanche starting zones where snow accumulation in winter time occurs due to snowstorm transportation, snow retain structures can work as snow accumulating structures, which can increase height of snow in comparison with calculated or observed values. Barriers installed in lines from edge to edge of the avalanche starting zone. The distance between lines depends on snow thickness, slope steepness and sliding factor of  underlying surface.

Our unique ring net panels are made from rings with diameter 250 mm. ​Our barrier design has incorporated all the best international practices, and by most parameters is correspondent to EU and Swiss standards.

Our barriers have successfully proven themselves during Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.


• Possibility of installation on slopes with any gradient;
• Modular design allows easily and simple installation;
• Resistant to rockfall loads;
• Can be installed in any type of soil - different types of foundation;
• Capability to hold masses of snow with height up to 4.5 meters normal to the slope;
• Reduction of excavating works;
• Presrvation of landscape in it's original form.

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