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Landslide protection system 2D-Geo is guaranteed to provide landslide and rockfall  protection of the territory and can be used on slopes composed of rocky or dispersed soils. The main structural element is a high tensile 2D-Geo chain-link mesh, which is mounted on anchors using special anchor plates with spikes. Along the perimeter of the reinforced section, the system is stretched by steel ropes attached to flexible cable anchors or specially designed flexible anchor heads. Neighbouring rolls of mesh with overlapping in two cells are fastened together with steel spirals.


The 2D Geo system is an active engineering protection method. When tightening the spherical nut on the anchor, the anchor plate tightly presses the mesh to the ground surface. Thus, system, actively acting on the surface of the soil does not allow the slope to get out of equilibrium and prevents the deformation and movement of dispersed soil and rock blocks between the anchors.


The overall stability of the slope is provided by ground anchors. The length and diameter of the anchors are selected based on the depth of the collapse prism boundary and type of the soil. There are several types of ground anchors. Most often, with 2D-Geo system, bar and hollow bar anchors are used. We recommend to use our proven and tested "Tula" and "Geoizol" anchors.


The 2D-Geo system is selected individually for specific geotechnical conditions of the slope. Product range from 10 variants of mesh with tensile strength of up to 155 kN/m allows you to choose the most effective system configuration with maximum return and economic benefits for you.


The 2D-Geo landslide protection system allows you to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the landscape in its natural beauty, which is relevant when installing the structure on the territory of recreational complexes and natural parks.


 Applicable on most slopes composed of rocky and dispersed soils.


The possibility of increasing the distance between adjacent anchors to 3.5 m and saving up to 40% on the total cost of the project.


2D-GEO mesh - is tested material and certified in accordance with the norms of the Russian Federation.


The ability to account for additional loads and external factors.


 All elements of the system are selected individually for a specific slope.


Grassing and preservation of woody vegetation on the slope are possible.

Short steel spirals are easy to use and allow you to connect several mesh cells in one go.


 Unique durable and flexible cable anchors Geobarrier with centralizers can be immersed in the well in one pass, eliminating the possibility of jamming.


 Branded anchor plate perfectly matches the technical properties of the entire 2D-GEO product range.


 All materials, components and accessories of the 2D-Geo system are produced in Russia on Russian equipment and from domestic raw materials.

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