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The main purpose of the barrier is to stop debris flow and retain its solid component in the upstream. Debris flow barriers can be installed across the channel in single configuration or in form of a cascade barriers one by one. Barriers are installed from side to side of the valley. Between the lower bearing rope  and the bottom of the valley leaves an opening for unobstructed passing of runoff and wild animals.


Main element of the barrier – is original steel ring net with a tensile strength up to 1500 kN/m. Ring net installed on ropes, which through absorbers fastened to  flexible  anchor heads, grouted in the sides of the valley. Depending on the height of the barrier additional intermediate ropes also can be used. The S-brakes absorbs the kinetic energy of the first shock wave, reducing the pulling load on the cable anchors. In order to protect from mechanical damage, anchor heads are hidden in the concrete shell. Ring structure of net allows freely to drain liquid component of the mud flow, while holding solid component. In wide valleys additional intermediate posts can be used. The main advantage of mudflow barrier - quick and easy installation. The most difficult step during construction - to drill holes for ground anchors and install them. All other components can be mounted without usage of heavy machinery. Due to transparency of ring net barrier doesn’t spoil the visual look of landscape. Corrosion protection provides a barrier lifetime of 30 - 50 years. After the event, debris deposits above the barrier must be cleaned. The barrier in this case should be serviced. As a rule, during maintenance S-brakes shall be completely replaced.

We produce debris flow barriers only for individual orders. Each of our barriers is unique in its own way. In most cases, in addition to a barrier structure,  you will need a set of measures: debris flow passing channels, drainage, stabilizing retaining walls, and etc.

Structure design and calculation performed only on the basis of well-done specialized engineering survey.

In our company  you can order barrier as well as for small erosional cut and for a wide high-mountain valley.

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