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Key to success of your project at all steps of investments ...


Geobarrier in consortium with leading Russian institutes perform a full range of design and survey works for regions with  dangerous geological processes. Based on the results of materilas of engineering survey and design documentation, we provide support for contractor at all stages of his project.

Core of our team consists of 1 doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences and 17 PhDs. Our consultants - the largest scientific experts in their field with a worldwide reputation.

Our specialists and consultants are members of steering Board "Interregional mudflow Association", "International Expert Group on Dangerous glacial and cryogenic processes» (GAPHAZ), «International glaciological Association» (IGS), are national correspondents from Russia in WGMS (World Glacier Monitoring Service).




Our engineers will give free advice and support to investors, customers and designers on issues of design of flexible steel metal structures on the basis of high-tensile strength materials, including:

• Professional risk assessment, geological and geomorphological analysis of dangerous slope processes during conducting of reconnaissance studies at site in the field;
• Development of territory engineering protection concept, its feasibility study;

• Selection of the optimal configuration of flexible steel structure on the base of high strength steel nets;
• Audit, correction and optimization of the project design;
• Conducting of free training courses for design organizations on issues of design of Geobarrier steel structures;
• Design of new individual protective structures on base of customer ideas.

сопровождение проекта


Geobarrier provides a comprehensive engineering and technical support to customers and contractors at the stage of installation of flexible steel structures, including:

• Advice in selection of professional contractors;
• Accreditation of contractors;
• Field visit;
• Control over fulfillment by contractor of the instructions for installation.
• Advice during installation of flexible steel structures.
• Evaluation of contractor job quality.

споровождение строительства


Our systems, as well as any working mechanism, require some care and maintenance. Timely maintenance of our structures, and in particular barriers, - ensures their proper functioning, and in many times increases their service life. The volume and frequency of service are determined primarily by two factors: level of aggressive corrosive environment and repeatability of slope processes.

We remind you about the next scheduled maintenance:

• Perform regular or one-off inspection of structures.
• Make and deliver spare parts to the site in target dates.
• Offer the option of extended warranty and service for ring nets product line.

For example, if covering type structures will be enough to inspect every five years, - barrier type structures must be served more often: simply because they work with impact loads. Snow avalanche protection barriers must be inspected annually during summer, rockfall protection barriers would be enough to inspect and serve only after the direct impact, or when no such - to inspect every 3 years. In case of force majeure such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc.: all types of structures require unscheduled inspection.

Reconstruction or maintenance?

Under reconstruction of steel structure we understand it's complete recovery, including ground anchors. Under service we understand partial replacement of some elements of flexible steel structures, for example absorbers of kinetic energy in barriers. 

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