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We are a team of professionals in geotechnics and metalworking. Geobarrier is the leading company in the world, specializing in manufacturing of high-tensile strength steel ring nets. Geobarrier was founded in 2001 and today is a leader on Russian geohazard solutions market. Our flexible steel protection structures designed to operate under extreme heavy loads. We offers to our clients a wide range of products and services to various industry sectors.


Our modern factory, located close to Moscow near biggest transportation hubs, what allows us to realize the most unusual projects in short time. Highly qualified specialists will offer you a balanced solution to any problem, saving you time and money.

Wherever you are, Geobarrier will always be close to you. Our representatives in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia always at your service.


Our products is being tested at specialized laboratories in Russia receiving the highest ratings in terms of reliability and safety, and meets the strictest requirements of company standards. Quality of our products is monitored on a regular basis, so we are confident in their reliability.


Flexibility and easy design makes them an affordable solution of any problem, especially when construction of traditional concrete structures is not possible due to technical reasons. Our systems and materials ensure maximum protection, allowing to preserve nature in its original form.



Modern production is located on 2000 square meters, including state-of-the-art equipment for metalworking machines, 10 ring net production lines, 6 chain-link mesh  machines and equipment for producing three-dimensional and welded meshes. We are able to produce over 3000 tons of nets and meshes annually. Highly qualified engineers and technicians and a wide range of equipment allows us to meet requirements of the most complex and individual projects. 


Our factory is located near major transportation hubs close to Moscow, so we can provide quick and cost-effective delivery. We are happy to offer our services for the delivery and customs clearance of our products. We have the ability to ship products by sea to any major port around the world. 


All products are made only from Russian-sourced raw materials and undergo a two-step quality control.

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