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We are constantly interested in high-profile professionals around the world. Write to us, we read and analyze all appeals.

We are ready to discuss internships and research work within the framework of our ongoing projects with students in specialized fields (geologists, glaciologists, geomorphologists, hydrologists, engineering and technical specialties, mathematicians - modellers, mechanics and modeling, web marketers).

The list of priorities in the development department for 2017-2022:

- development of a model (using data from field tests) for calculating rock fall parameters (drop trajectories, impact forces, interaction of a falling stone with an obstacle, assessment of accuracy thresholds for input data, etc.).

- improvement of the methodology for calculating the carrying capacity of anchors in the ground for pulling loads, developing a universal calculation model, conducting field tests of anchors for pulling load on representative soil types, creating databases.

- development of new and improvement of existing engineering protection structures from hazardous geological processes.

- development and improvement of machines for weaving steel wire nets and meshes.

- development of a spatial model for calculating the loads on snow-retaining structures based on field materials and tests, improving the structures themselves, searching for new materials to reduce the weight of the structure.

- modeling of shells in statics and dynamics.

- development of new architectural solutions using our materials.

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